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Established in 1988, Haike Group has developed into a comprehensive enterprise group integrating petrochemical energy, new energy materials, special chemicals, consumer and pharmaceutical chemistry, internet logistics, international trade, etc. The subsidiaries of the Group are located in Dongying, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions. The Group has a total asset of 25.5 billion yuan and more than 4200 employees. Awarded the "Global Growth Company" in Davos Forum, it is "National High-tech Enterprise", "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises", "Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises", "National Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations", "Quality Benchmark of China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry", "National Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise", "National Specialized and Special New 'Little Giant' Enterprise", "China Goldsmith Award" "National smart manufacturing pilot demonstration project", "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology manufacturing" entrepreneurship and innovation "platform pilot demonstration project", "Shandong Province smart manufacturing benchmarking enterprise", etc. In recent years, Haike has made precise efforts around transformation and transformation, and the enterprise has maintained a steady development momentum. It has created more than 80 billion yuan of annual sales.

Industrial Layout

Petrochemical energy

The petrochemical sector of Haike Group has more than ten companies including Haike Chemical, Ruilin Chemical, Petrochemical Sales, Petrochemical Supply, Haike Transportation, Shandong Bosen Testing, Jiangsu Bosen Testing, Haiyuan, Puan, Mini Dolphin , Yiwei New Materials, etc. company. Relying on more than 30 years of experience in petroleum refining and chemical industry, Haike Petrochemical actively promotes the transformation and optimization of product structure, and has now formed covering international trade, petroleum refining and chemical, high-end oil product research and development, smart logistics, remote storage, independent third-party testing and quality control, terminal chain The whole industry chain integrating brand gas station, e-commerce operation, safety and environmental protection management, five-star service, etc., is committed to "building a digital operation system and becoming a leading chemical material and energy service provider in China".

Special chemicals

Haike's special chemicals are sold in many fields, such as lithium battery, semiconductor, daily chemical, medicine, tobacco, food, coating, dyestuff, manufacturing, etc. its products include hydroxylamine hydrochloride, electronic grade tetramethylammonium hydroxide, caustic soda, liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen chloride (anhydrous), epichlorohydrin, hydrogen peroxide, CMP cleaning solution, PMA, etc, To meet the growing demand of special chemicals in the market, Haike special chemicals always adheres to innovation driven sustainable development, adheres to customer-centered and market value oriented, and constantly innovates R & D technology, provides system solutions, and builds a five-star expert service system to provide customers with expert level, all-round and one-stop innovative technology solutions, It aims to become an expert brand of special chemicals with the ability of globalization, innovation and professional technical service.

New energy materials

In order to adapt to the current global development trend of new energy industry, the group has successively established Xinyuan company, Sipai company, Yiwei company and OBO company, wholly acquired PCT company of South Korea, and become a supplier and technical service provider of electrolyte solvent products, needle like Coke materials, graphene dispersion and powder, graphene modified activated carbon, super activated carbon, soft carbon and other products, Layout high-end needle coke material industry, fully boost the global development of new energy, provide continuous and reliable power for all kinds of energy storage products, and greatly improve the charging efficiency and service time of lithium battery equipment.


Haike's consumer and pharmaceutical chemical products mainly include: propylene glycol, isopropanol, dipropylene glycol, diisopropyl ether, dioctyl carbonate, hydrochloric acid, biological flavor, heparin sodium, enoxaparin sodium raw materials and preparations, etc. Tiandong company has established a stable cooperative relationship with the national sugar engineering technology research center. The company has established postdoctoral research workstation, Shandong biochemical drug Engineering Laboratory, provincial enterprise technology center and other R & D platforms, successively undertaken national major new drug creation, science and technology support plan, torch plan, key new products and other national scientific research projects, participated in the formulation of a number of product standards, and applied for more than 30 patent protection. Make important contributions to industrialization and quality improvement.

100million CNY Its sales reached 87.1 billion CNY by the end of 2021.
10thousand CNY/year It invests more than 30 million CNY/year in talent training.
100million CNY It invests 700 million CNY in intelligent construction.
It has more than It has more than 210 certified safety engineers.
100million CNY It invests 300 million CNY in consultative management.s
It has more than It has more than 320 R&D engineers.It has more than 320 R&D engineers.
cooperates colleges and universities at home and abroad.
talents talents from Fortune Global 500
Consumer chemicals Top 500 Enterprises of China

Management &System

Haike Group has carried out systematic transform to upgrade its management level and seek international, bench-marking and professional breakthroughs from various perspectives, including strategic planning, talent inventory, organization structure design, compensation transform, safety improvement, five-star marketing service system, quality control and project management.

Excellent operation

The excellent operation transformation is a thorough and lasting operation reform that has been initiated by top leaders of Haike Group in order to achieve extremely challenging operation performance goals. It realizes fundamental transformations through continuous improvement of capacity of excellent employees, ideologies, systems and processes.

Smart construction

Haike Group cooperates with Accenture, an international consulting company, to customize a five-year intelligent planning for the Group and build an intelligent “521 project”. It supports efficient operation and promotes intensive development with five platforms, i.e. decision support platform, operation management platform, operation execution platform, intelligent production platform and technology support platform. It ensures orderly promotion and achieves the value of intelligence through application standard system and governance management and control system. It also shapes the organizing ability of comprehensive strength on transformation and development to break through the bottleneck of transformation and drive innovation and development.

Human resource management

Haike Group’s talent strategy is to establish a perfect talent management system and build a normalized, systematic and comprehensive process for talent selection, cultivation, employment and retention. It consists of four modules, which are talent planning and allocation, development and promotion, performance and incentive, and reserve and appointment. The four modules are closely related to each other and support each other, providing a uniform standard, a tool, a platform and a complete solution for talent construction of Haike Group.

Safety management system

Integrated with Dupont safety management system, dual prevention system and safety standardization, Haike establishes a three-in-one safety management system which consists of “system frame”, “best practice” and “audit”, covering 17 Category A elements and 58 Category B elements. It is implemented effectively by aid of intelligent and informationalized management tools and constantly provides safety management consulting services for customers.

Five-star marketing service system

While rebuilding the marketing hall of Haike and Ruilin, Haike Group intensified improvement of service soft strength and built an all-round and integrated five-star marketing service system including business handling, customer experience, logistics and transportation, quality monitoring and after-sales service. One full intelligent system is applied to the overall process of queue numbering, invoicing and card making, loading dispatch, automatic loading, weighbridge weighing, gate access control system, which provides a whole course automatic business green channel for partners and realizes the five-star marketing service system.

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